MrBOT: The Innovative Solution for Acquiring Qualified Leads and Interested Customers
  • Increase your sales volume 70% 70%
Do you want to present your commercial offers quickly and easily to as many users as possible?

Have you ever wondered how much time your operators waste on cold calls? And how much time would you save if you only spoke to people interested in your offer?

MrBOT forwards automatic calls to all customers you want to reach with a personalized message.

A virtual operator then introduces your offer, and the user, if interested, can choose to speak immediately with a real agent!

Main Features

Up to 2000 Virtual Operators
Qualified Lead Generation (interested potential customers)
Inbound traffic generation
Personalization of the message independently
How does it work?
Activate MrBOT with the assistance of one of our experts. Select the customer list you want to automate, upload a voice message, and a virtual operator will present your commercial offer. Users will have the option to listen to the proposal and then choose whether to speak with an operator for more details or to decline the invitation. Optimize your marketing strategy and increase conversions with MrBOT.

Increase your productivity with MrBOT!

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SiDial: Maximize Your Call Center Sales with MrBOT

Have you ever longed for a solution that streamlines the management of your call center or contact center? Ever pondered how you could save precious time while simultaneously boosting your sales productivity? With SiDial and its incredible MrBOT feature, you finally have the answer to these questions.

SiDial is a cloud-based CRM call center software designed to significantly improve your daily operations. With its advanced features, it stands at the forefront of the industry as the ideal solution for companies looking to optimize their contact center and enhance the management of inbound and outbound calls.

One of SiDial’s strengths is its powerful MrBOT feature. An innovative characteristic for outbound call centers, designed to allow you to present your commercial offers simply and swiftly to a vast audience of potential customers.

Imagine eliminating the time wasted by your operators on cold calling. With MrBOT, you can do just that, automating interactions with customers and engaging your operators in more strategic and significant tasks.

MrBOT indeed allows you to communicate directly with people who are genuinely interested in your offer. This means that each call has a much higher potential for success, as it targets a specific audience.

How does MrBOT work?

The process of activating MrBOT is simple and intuitive, and you’ll receive all the necessary support from our expert operators during the procedure. Specifically, here are the steps required to activate MrBOT in your call center:

  • Selection of the list: The first step in activating MrBOT is selecting the contact list with which you want to automate interactions. You can customize this list according to your specific goals, including demographic and geographic criteria, to ensure that calls reach the right audience.
  • Customization of the message: Once you’ve defined the contact list, you can upload the automatic voice, known as Interactive Voice Response (IVR). This voice will be responsible for professionally and engagingly introducing your commercial proposal. Customizing the message is crucial and can be adapted based on the specific needs of your campaign and target audience. Additionally, it helps capture users’ attention and makes them more likely to listen to the offer.
  • Acceptance of the invitation: Once the message has been sent, users will receive an invitation to connect with an operator for more details on the offer. They have the option to accept the invitation to speak with a live agent or decline the offer if they are not interested. This flexibility ensures that only interested users become qualified leads, saving precious time for your sales team.

IVR and MrBOT: The Ideal Solution for Your Inbound and Outbound Call Center

The IVR (Interactive Voice Responder), a powerful tool offered by SiDial, transforms the management of incoming calls and enhances the efficiency of your call center operations. It’s a feature that automatically responds to calls with prerecorded messages and directs them to the appropriate operator based on the user’s choices made through the phone keypad.

IVR is essential in an inbound call center, eliminating the need for a human operator to route calls. Your customers can thus receive quick responses and 24/7 support, significantly improving the customer experience and reducing waiting times.

But SiDial’s IVR isn’t just useful in inbound call centers. Thanks to the integration with MrBOT, it can be extremely productive in outbound activities as well. Outgoing calls can be automated to reach a wider audience, and messages can be personalized to maximize the engagement of potential customers.

In summary, SiDial’s IVR is a versatile and powerful solution for improving call management, both inbound and outbound. It reduces operational costs, increases customer satisfaction, and maximizes the overall efficiency of your call center, ensuring that every call is handled professionally and effectively.

The Advantages of SiDial for Your Call Center

The Advantages of MrBOT for an Outbound Call Center

MrBOT offers a series of significant advantages for an outbound call center, revolutionizing the way calls are handled and optimizing company performance. Here are some of the benefits that using SiDial with its MrBOT can bring to telemarketing and teleselling operations:

  • Maximum efficiency: MrBOT can make numerous calls simultaneously, significantly increasing the productivity of the call center. You can reach a wider audience and generate more leads in less time.
  • Qualified leads: MrBOT’s ability to collect information from potential customers during calls makes it the ideal tool for generating qualified leads. This means your sales team can focus on more promising conversion opportunities.
  • Customization of calls: MrBOT can customize the message based on the customer or market segment, making each call relevant and engaging. This increases the likelihood of success for your campaigns.
  • Increase in sales: Thanks to its ability to handle calls efficiently, MrBOT can contribute to a significant increase in sales. Your agents can focus on sales activities instead of initiation calls.
  • Cost reduction: Automating calls allows for reducing operational costs, eliminating the need for an excessive number of agents. This translates into considerable savings for the call center.
  • Data analysis: SiDial collects and records detailed data on each call, which can be analyzed to identify trends and further improve sales strategies.

MrBOT is thus a powerful ally for an outbound call center. Its ability to maximize efficiency, generate qualified leads, customize calls, increase sales, reduce costs, and provide valuable analytical data makes this feature a strategic choice for any company that wants to get the most out of its campaigns.

The Advantages of IVR for an Inbound Call Center

While MrBOT is an invaluable resource for an outbound call center, optimizing efficiency and significantly improving the customer experience, the IVR, that is, the automatic voice that answers and sorts incoming calls, also finds wide application in the sector of inbound call centers. Here are some of the main advantages that SiDial can bring to an inbound contact center:

  • Automated responses: IVR can automatically and instantly answer a wide range of frequently asked customer questions. This way, customers can get quick and accurate answers without waiting for a human operator.
  • Workload management: SiDial with its IVR can handle multiple calls simultaneously, thereby reducing the workload of operators. Something that contributes to ensuring faster service and greater customer satisfaction.
  • 24/7 availability: a call center that is always open and accessible to customers, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Customers can thus get assistance when they need it, even outside traditional working hours.
  • Elimination of waiting times: Thanks to the automatic response, customers no longer have to wait in long phone queues. This increases customer satisfaction and reduces the risk of call abandonment.
  • Customization of responses: IVR can be programmed to offer personalized responses based on the specific needs of the customer, to create a more relevant and engaging experience.
  • Performance monitoring: SiDial allows monitoring and recording all customer interactions. With its detailed reports, it offers better quality control and the possibility to analyze data for further improvements.

The IVR (Interactive Voice Responder) is therefore a valuable addition to an inbound call center. With its ability to automate responses, manage workload, ensure 24/7 availability, and personalize customer interactions, it contributes to creating a more efficient and effective environment to quickly meet public needs.

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This demo represents an extraordinary opportunity to directly evaluate SiDial and discover how to optimize your call center, generate qualified leads, and significantly improve your productivity in both inbound and outbound areas.

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