SiDial Features

Agents Appointments Management

SiDial, the call center software. You will be able to quickly and easily manage all the appointments made by the Operators for the Agents who will be able to access and consult online through a dedicated area.

Appointments are taken using geodialing which allows an automatic visualization of the personal data present in the same area pertaining to one or more agents. The georeferencing system, which calculates the geographical distances between one appointment and the next, providing the agent the tips to reach individual places by optimizing time and travel.

The Agent will have the opportunity to download his appointment calendar having access to an application through his credentials. He also has the possibility to work by releasing feedback on the results complete with notes and uploading files for each appointment. The SiDial platform also offers access with higher level ownership for the Supervisor, who will verify and coordinate activities by managing the appointments of all Agents.

sidial gestione appuntamenti agenti
SiDial: Many functions in one platform!
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Cloud CRM

A complete system to manage contacts and for administrative of the call center 100% in the cloud

Calls Recording

Calls recording for internal quality control and vocal orders

Communication and Marketing

Ability to send email and SMS directly from the system to the customer for confirmation, reminder, etc.


This solution allows to obtain an automation process, generating an increase in valid calls.

Lists Management

You can manage your lists quickly and easily in order to apply the best possible strategy.

Appointment Management

Management system for appointments taken by Operators for the Agents. Available through a dedicated area.

Real-time statistics

Our solution adapts to any type of device, both desktop and mobile, such as smartphones and tablets

Responsive system

Our solution adapts to any type of device desktop and mobile, such as smartphones and tablets.

Users Management

Complete management of user lists with the possibility of geo-localization and diversification of permissions


SiDial allows to optimize the work of your sales team, saving time and increasing your income.


An internal chat system that allows you to communicate between colleagues in order to deal perfectly with requests.

IVR without operator

Calls recording for internal quality control and vocal orders

High quality VoIP

We only use very high quality VoIP traffic to avoid and predict all sorts of errors or problems

Agents Section

Customized access for agents with management of lists, appointments and performance

Smart Working

Your workstation accessible anywhere in smart working, even with a mobile device


With SiDial you will have the right solution to organize your call center routine activities.


You can offer to your customers a multi-channel system, chat support and much more...

List Mix

Facilitate the work of operators by managing multiple lists at the same time. You can decide independently the percentage of each list

SiDial in the cloud is a software designed by those who perfectly know the work dynamics of a call center and contact center, thus obtaining a perfect product to increase daily productivity.
SiDial is in line with EU regulation 2016/679

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