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SiDial is the inbound call center software that is transforming the way incoming calls are handled and managed. Our VoIP lines ensure superior sound quality in every situation, even with a poor Internet connection. You can activate an unlimited number of lines with your chosen prefix, including international ones.

Intuitive, flexible, and easily scalable, SiDial enables you to optimize resources and significantly enhance the quality of your customer service. By choosing SiDial, you’re investing in a key tool for excellence in your inbound call center, one that will radically change your customers’ satisfaction levels.

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Main Features

IVR system

Incoming call queue management
Detailed reporting
Configuration of opening and closing times

Call forwarding to external number

International numbers
Internal single campaign transfer
Internal single-user transfer
Narrow band compression protocols

Managing incoming calls is a crucial element for success

In the world of inbound call centers, managing incoming calls is a crucial element for success. SiDial, our revolutionary call center software, transforms the way companies interact with their customers.

SiDial is not just software; it’s a complete solution that ensures smooth and personalized communication, making each customer interaction more meaningful.

Why Choose SiDial as Your Inbound Call Center Software?

Why choose SiDial in the context of an inbound call center? Let’s examine some of the key advantages offered by this software.

The Advantages of an Inbound Call Center with IVR System

SiDial revolutionizes the world of inbound call centers with its cutting-edge IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system. Designed to meet modern communication needs, the IVR system is the heartbeat of SiDial.

With its intuitive interface and customized features, the IVR system not only facilitates call routing but also elevates the customer experience. By guiding callers through clear and easy-to-follow voice menus, it ensures that each request is quickly and efficiently directed to the most suitable operator or department.

This technology not only optimizes the call center workflow but also enhances the overall customer interaction, making each call more efficient, targeted, and satisfying. In short, SiDial’s IVR system is a fundamental pillar for a call center aiming at operational excellence and maximum customer satisfaction.

Unmatched Inbound Call Management for Call Centers

SiDial radically transforms the management of inbound call queues for call centers, bringing efficiency and fluidity to the entire process.

This advanced software is designed to masterfully handle large volumes of calls, ensuring a significant reduction in waiting times and greatly improving the customer experience.

With its ability to prioritize calls based on urgency and other relevant criteria, SiDial ensures that every customer interaction is timely and targeted. This approach ensures that the most urgent requests receive immediate attention, while others are efficiently managed, thus optimizing the call center’s workload and resources.

Choosing SiDial for the management of inbound calls in the call center means guaranteeing that every customer receives prompt and personalized assistance, elevating the level of service offered. The intelligent management of inbound call queues not only improves customer satisfaction but also contributes to creating a more peaceful and productive work environment for operators.

The software also offers an advanced call recording system, crucial for business success, with reliable, secure, and scalable recordings.

A Call Center with Real-Time Reporting

Another of the most appreciated features of SiDial is its exceptional ability to generate detailed and impactful reports. This functionality provides call center managers with a powerful tool to deeply analyze performance.

Through reports and statistics, managers can not only monitor operational efficiency but also precisely identify areas needing improvement. The reporting of SiDial allows for data-based evaluation, facilitating more informed and targeted strategic decisions.

With its clear and comprehensive reports, SiDial offers a detailed overview of customer interaction dynamics, highlighting crucial aspects such as satisfaction, response times, and call trends. This allows call centers to flexibly adapt to the continuously evolving needs of their audience and optimize service strategies.

Moreover, with the ability to track performance in real time, SiDial becomes an indispensable tool for maintaining high-quality standards and promoting a work environment based on continuous improvement. The functionality not only ensures superior customer service but also provides valuable insights for the long-term success of the call center.

Configuring Call Center Opening and Closing Hours

SiDial stands out for its extraordinary ability to offer flexibility in configuring the opening and closing hours of call centers. This essential feature allows companies to agilely adapt to different time zones, effectively responding to the needs of a global market. The possibility of offering 24/7 customer support becomes a reality with SiDial, enabling call centers to operate non-stop, ensuring continuous assistance at any time.

The intuitive interface makes customizing operating hours simple, whether it’s adapting to holidays, weekends, or specific peak periods. This adaptability not only improves the customer experience but also allows companies to maximize their operations at key times, optimizing resources and personnel.

The software ensures that each call center can manage its activity efficiently, regardless of its geographical location or market-specific needs. Operational flexibility is indeed crucial for call centers wishing to expand into new markets or needing a dynamic and personalized approach to time management. With SiDial, every call center has the freedom to define its hours, perfectly tailoring them to its own and its customers’ needs.

Forwarding Inbound Calls to an External Number

Another aspect where SiDial excels is in facilitating call forwarding to external numbers, a crucial functionality for modern call centers. This aspect of the software enables seamless, multichannel communication with external partners or branches, significantly improving operational efficiency. With SiDial, transferring a call to an external number becomes a simple and quick process, allowing call centers to extend their reach far beyond the organization’s boundaries.

This feature is particularly valuable in situations where collaboration with external entities is essential. Whether it’s directing a customer to a specific expert, connecting with a supplier, or transferring a request to a branch, SiDial ensures that this transition happens smoothly and professionally. By maintaining a high standard of service, the call forwarding to external numbers reduces complexity and increases satisfaction for both operators and customers.

All this not only makes operations slimmer and less prone to errors but also strengthens the perception of high-quality customer service. In an era where speed and efficiency are crucial, SiDial proves to be an indispensable tool for any call center aiming for service excellence and the construction of an extensive and reliable communication network.

Forwarding Inbound Calls to an Internal Number

One of the innovative features of SiDial is its system for the internal transfer of calls. A true turning point for call centers, as it allows for directly routing calls to teams or individual operators managing specific campaigns.

Thanks to this feature, SiDial offers targeted user management and an increase in campaign effectiveness.

The internal transfer option is particularly useful in dynamic call center environments and project-oriented settings, where different teams work on separate campaigns. With SiDial, calls related to a particular campaign can be quickly transferred to the most competent specialists in that area, ensuring that each caller receives the most relevant and informed assistance possible. This not only improves the customer experience but also optimizes the workload of operators, allowing them to focus on calls most relevant to their areas of expertise.

Additionally, the effectiveness of each campaign significantly increases thanks to the ability to have a dedicated team, which can respond more specifically and competently to customers’ questions and needs. SiDial emerges as an indispensable solution for those call centers wishing to optimize their operations and maximize the impact of their campaigns.

A Contact Center with International Numbers

In the landscape of contact center software, SiDial stands out for its support of international numbers. This functionality is crucial for call centers aiming to expand their global presence. In this way, companies have the opportunity to provide their customers with local telephone numbers in different countries, greatly simplifying the communication process and making the service more accessible to an international audience.

The adoption of international numbers allows call centers to get closer to their global customers, offering a more familiar and personalized contact experience. An aspect that not only improves brand perception but also facilitates smoother interactions, overcoming geographical and language barriers. The possibility of contacting a company via a local number also reduces the uncertainties and costs for customers, encouraging greater interaction and trust.

In an increasingly connected world, SiDial’s ability to handle international numbers represents a significant competitive advantage. A feature that not only expands the operational horizon of call centers but also opens new business and service opportunities in a global context. Call centers can thus effectively transform into global communication hubs, ready to serve customers from every corner of the planet.

Superior Sound Quality with Narrowband Technology

An aspect not to be underestimated of SiDial is its being an inbound call center program that uses VoIP lines and sophisticated narrowband compression protocols. This cutting-edge technology is essential to ensure high-quality calls, optimizing bandwidth usage at the same time. The adoption of these protocols by SiDial has the effect of making calls more stable and clear, even in less favorable network conditions.

The use of narrowband compression protocols is a great advantage, especially in environments where connection quality can vary. Users enjoy superior sound quality, significantly reducing the risk of interruptions or distortions during calls. This is a crucial aspect to maintain smooth and professional communication, regardless of network conditions.

This feature not only improves the customer experience but is also extremely useful for call centers operating in areas with limited or unstable connectivity. By ensuring clear and continuous calls, the narrowband technology makes each conversation effective and hassle-free, contributing to elevating the service standard. In the context of a call center, the clarity and continuity of communication are essential, and SiDial offers a robust and reliable technological solution.

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100% cloud-based call center software that works with any operating system.

Call Recording

You can record and store your calls online to monitor the quality of interactions.


You can send emails and SMS directly from the system to the customer for confirmations, reminders, etc.

Predictive Dialer

An automatic dialing system that, thanks to data analysis, predicts when operators will be available and initiates new calls based on this forecast.

List Management

Advanced contact list management that allows you to develop the most effective sales strategy and enhance the customer experience.

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A dedicated section for managing appointments made by operators, accessible through a private area.

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You can make your sales team's operations more efficient, saving time and increasing revenue.


An internal chat that allows colleagues to communicate with each other in order to better address user requests.

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A powerful automatic responder that simplifies the management of incoming calls.

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We use top-quality VoIP lines that ensure excellent and uninterrupted calls.

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Appointment management becomes a simple and intuitive operation, thanks to the use of a shared calendar.

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The call center software designed for remote work, accessible from any operating system through a web browser, without the need for complex installations or configurations.


Predictive dialing and automatic call management improve the efficiency of telemarketing operations.


A bot that allows you to choose a contact list, upload a voice message, and lets a virtual operator introduce your commercial offer.

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Balance the operators' workload through simultaneous management of multiple lists. Define customized rules.